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Why Should You Learn Web Development?

Web development is the key to making websites come alive. These days, the internet does stuff and if you're interested in making websites, apps or games you need to know how to make your websites do stuff.

These skills can allow you to build complex, interactive, web-based apps and will have you well on the way to realising your awesome (but top secret, of course!) ideas for the next Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. Combine these skills with something like PhoneGap (check out our blog post here) and you can even develop apps for iOS and Android mobile devices.

The sky is the limit!

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Code Avengers Web Development Courses

To get started on our web development track, we recommend you do our Intro to HTML and Intro to JavaScript courses if you haven't already completed some of our HTML and JavaScript content.

Intro to HTML Intro to JavaScript

Intro to web dev

After a bit of practice with HTML/CSS and JavaScript, jump in and give it a try!
In our introduction to website development you will make three apps across five lessons:


  1. Buzzer App
  2. Xylophone App
  3. Xylophone App II
  4. Quiz HTML
  5. Quiz JavaScript

Intro to Web Development

Web development level 1

In the level 1 Web Development course you will combine your skills in HTML, CSS and JavaScript and learn to integrate them into a single project. You'll style HTML elements using JavaScript and use ID’s to select elements using CSS. Some interactive elements include; text input boxes, the select element, the input event, checkbox and radio inputs, range inputs, form tags, and form submissions.
Projects include; a quiz, a series of calculators that convert measurements between imperial and metric, handy things like a real-world loan repayment calculator, and elements of websites like log-in and sign-up forms.

View Web Development level 1 outline

Web development level 2

In the level 2 course, you will build on the HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills you learned in level 1. You'll learn about using loops, timers and much more in JavaScript as well as how to use the Firebase real time database API to create dynamic apps such as a calorie counter, countdown timer and progress blog.

View Web Development level 2 outline

Web development level 3

In the level 3 course, you will improve your ability to bring your web apps to life. You'll learn about JavaScript features such as using email servers to send mail and using localStorage to save data. You'll even build a fully functional chat app using Firebase.

View Web Development level 3 outline

jQuery level 1

An essential part of web development is making sites dynamic and interactive. Good thing there's jQuery - a JavaScript library that makes it easy! jQuery lets you write JavaScript tasks in a much more quick and simple way. Just ask Google, Microsoft and Netflix, who all use it. In this course you'll create a shopping app with several different features including an interactive review tool, and a shopping list. Start learning today, the Code Avengers way!

View jQuery level 1 outline

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