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Computer Coding – the New Direction

HTML and CSS have been used to build websites for over 20 years. Once only familiar to “computer nerds”, these coding languages are starting to become more accessible to all kinds of people. Nowadays, even amateurs can create their own website from scratch. This makes HTML and CSS a hot topic, along with the fact that the demand for skilled I.T. professionals is steadily growing around the world. The problem for the industry is that there aren’t enough people to fill those jobs! The truth is HTML and CSS aren’t just for website and app developers; the skills involved are super useful for graphic designers, bloggers, online journalists and authors, digital marketeers, IT project managers and entrepreneurs.

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What is HTML/CSS?

So what do these mysterious acronyms mean? HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language, while CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets, and they’re required for building websites. To help explain how they work, let’s go through an overview of how a website is made:

A website needs content. This just means text, images, video, or audio. The people who decide what content goes into a site are usually a company’s marketing team. One of those people may be a copywriter. A copywriter is someone who writes persuasive marketing material – otherwise known as copy.

This is where HTML comes in. HTML provides structure to the content of a site. It tells the web browser what text, pictures, or videos should appear on a webpage, and how to arrange them all. A web developer takes all of the content and turns it into HTML code.

CSS comes into play when it’s time to add some style to the site. CSS tells the web browser how the HTML elements are to be displayed. Usually, a web designer will decide which colors, fonts, sizes, patterns, and layouts to use. CSS is written in a separate file to HTML, which makes it easier to edit. The HTML and CSS files need to be linked together to make it all work.

If you’re wondering how you can learn these key languages, look no further! Code Avengers has developed a learn-by-doing experience that gets you building real world webpages while you learn. Let me tell you a bit about it:

Intro to HTML/CSS (3 hrs)

Our Code Avengers HTML/CSS track will help you learn from the very beginning. Kick-start your coding career with this fun and simple introduction to HTML5 and CSS3. By the end of this 1-hour course, you will have contributed 2 webpages to WikiJr – a version of Wikipedia for children powered by Code Avengers. Not bad for a beginner!

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Intro to the Internet (3hrs)

You probably use the Internet and the World Wide Web every day, but do you know how it works? This ten lesson course is an easy way to find out. Simple explanations, graphics, and tasks reinforce your learning. Getting noticed is just as important; this course gives a basic introduction to web design and shows the way to get your site up and running.

View Digital Systems 1

HTML/CSS level 1 (15hrs)

Build your first website as you learn the essentials of HTML and CSS with level 1! Play with cool effects and customize headers, footers, images and fonts to make your own personal and business profile pages that are uniquely you. Your journey to becoming a web developer or designer starts here.

View HTML/CSS Level 1

HTML/CSS level 2 (13hrs)

Ready to dive deeper into HTML and CSS? What better way to do it than by building a 5 page, interactive travel guide optimized for mobile devices? Level 2will take you through it the fun way. Add audio and video to your webpages, make interactive buttons, create an HTML table and discover new ways to code with color.

View HTML/CSS Level 2

HTML/CSS level 3 (15hrs)

Responsive Web Design makes your website look great on any screen size, so we’ll show you how to use it in our level 3 course! Along the way you’ll learn how to use advanced CSS selectors and special layout techniques. Oh, we’ll also introduce you to PHP – a powerful scripting language used to make dynamic websites like Facebook.

View HTML/CSS Level 3

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