Friday, April 17, 2015

Learn how to fly with Python!

Over the past 2 years we have had tons of requests to teach new languages. But our most popular by far is... PYTHON

So why Python?

  1. Its one of the EASIEST and most FUN languages to learn!
  2. GREAT PRODUCTS built in Python include Quora, Pintreset, Instagram, Disqus, DropBox, YouTube etc. Even Google's web search spider was written in Python.
  3. It's used for WEBSITES (see Django), APPS (see Kivy) and GAMES (see PyGame).
  4. It has fantastic FREE MODULES that make it easy to do things like math, science and engineering calculations (e.g., financial analysis etc.
  5. Many of our users were frustrated by other online Python courses—especially Codecademy.

Get ready to fly!

So strap yourself in and get ready learn Python 3 with Code Avengers.

Why learn Python as well as JavaScript?

It's true that both languages can be used to create websites, apps and games, however, there are definitely cases where Python is more powerful!

A few weeks ago wrote Python code to analyse data for my PhD theisis (which I [finally submitted last month]( ) and it really did feel using a chainsaw, compared previous analysis I did with Java, Perl, and Visual Basic.

In my case, I love JavaScript for interactive web pages, but prefer Python for desktop apps.

Also, learning different languages really will help you become a better coder and to land a better job!

Try a free 10 minute introduction now!

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  1. Wow! Python looks like a must learn programming language.