Monday, June 23, 2014

What does a 17 year old have to do with the Code Avengers redesign?

While other kids are flipping burgers at McDonalds during their summer break, 17 year old Malik Kimbrel is pursuing his dream as web design consultant.
And, he just landed himself his first global client——the online learn-to-code platform.

At the core of Code Avengers is a mission to create the next generation of technology innovators.

So, when Malik followed his father’s “be a go getter” advice and contacted Code Avengers directly, the Founder Michael Walmsley, was only too happy to give the young designer the opportunity to redesign the platform.

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At first, Malik was worried that his age and lack of experience would count against him. But in their first Skype chat, Michael was blown away by his maturity -- well beyond his age.

“His story embodied everything our site was about; giving anyone with ambition and dedication the opportunity to learn life changing skills.

“After viewing his past work and his ideas for our site, I just had to take take a chance with Malik.”

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So how does the son of a painter and waitress become an international web design consultant at age 17 years?

Born and raised in Georgia, USA, Malik parents have always had high expectations and push him hard.

“My dad stresses that I have to be a person who really seeks out what he wants with dedication and effort. Education is just the icing on the cake.”

“Dad says just being literate doesn't get you what you want, you have to be wise. There are people in my life who went to college and are so very smart, but never did anything with it.”

At an early age, Malik was inspired to learn web design. He used it as a way to express his feelings and channel them into something useful.

“I've always been a fan of Steve Jobs and his ability to make technology marketable. I think he did quite revolutionary things for his time on earth.”

“I want to do great things myself, like Steve Jobs.”

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“However, I was also having struggles in my life. I didn't have many friends and felt like an outcast in school because I am quite quirky.”

“I wanted to prove something to people.”

Malik began learning website design using online resources and books at age 13.

“I would download video courses and study for up to five hours per day from the likes of and w3schools and just mimicked what everyone else was doing until I developed a style and rhythm of my own.”

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Continue to read how Malik discovered Code Avengers...

“Last year I got more serious and continued learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery using Codecademy. I thought these resources were great.”

This year Malik’s teacher asked him to help tutor their web development class.

Malik says tutoring in the classroom was a different story to learning online yourself. Many students responded quite negatively to the web development class and struggled to stay on task.

They were just taking the course to get the credit and weren't interested in web design, or at least they thought they weren’t.

Malik says:

“The teacher initially used Codecademy. But when everyone said ‘this stuff is boring’, she searched for alternatives and made the switch to Code Avengers.”

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“Students have short attention spans but the game-like environment of Code Avengers held their interest and actually got them working! It was simply amazing.”

Malik’s teacher June Campbell remarked:

“One of my students had an 8% [grade] in my class as of March 15th but got so excited and competitive about Code Avengers that he finished 2 weeks ahead of the class. I consider this ‘turn-around’ a minor miracle.”

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Malik was excited by what he witnessed, and felt the site had the potential to make a huge impact globally, but needed a visual design that matched the quality of lessons.

He believed he could make that happen.

Malik has been working part time for Code Avengers since April 2014. The experience has helped him to continue to develop his skills and progress toward his dream of becoming a world leading designer.

The new look design just went live in June", but Malik has already begun working on a fresh design for 2015. He is also working on Code Avengers design courses to help educate more budding designers.

After graduating high school, he can’t wait to join the Code Avengers team as they travel around the USA running Code Camps, so he can share his passion for web design with kids all over the country.

Malik's story is indeed an inspiration to us all.

The education revolution is finally here!

We’re glad to be a part of it.

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  1. What a great story. Reminds me of how Philo Farnsworth the inventor of the TV learnt the fundamentals of electronics using technology magazines he found in the attic of a house. Now-a-days online learning is taking precedence from books and magazines..

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