Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Student Success Story: Kyle McKay (Entrepreneur)

Learning a new language is challenging, I should know - shortly after high school, I lived El Salvador for two years. I was soon immersed in a new language and culture I knew little about. Learning to code is a similar experience, but with the fun and intuitive lessons, Code Avengers helped accelerate my coding skills and launched me into developing my own website.

So Why To Learn to Code?

Coding is the language of the 21st century, and those that know it will get farther ahead than those that don’t. It seems like many the great entrepreneurs of our age know how to code, or at least they know the basics. I knew that if I wanted to fulfill my dream of being an entrepreneur, I needed to learn the basics of coding.

Why Code Avengers?

Initially, I started to learn code using another popular website, but found myself losing interest and never finished the lessons. When I first started coding with Code Avengers, I was surprised at how much fun it was to code. The lessons are well thought out and build upon each other. A feature I have really come to love is the notepad which allows me to take notes during the lessons and have easy access to them in case I need to look something up in other lessons. It’s been little details like these that have made Code Avengers so awesome!

What has been the most challenging part? How did you tackle that?

The most challenging part of learning to code has been to keep going amidst frustration. As with learning any new language, you will mess up, and there will be times you don’t know what you’re doing wrong. It was very similar to my experience learning Spanish. My advice is to take a step back, do something else, and come back to it later. Also, to learn Spanish, I literally had to immerse myself in the language. Find ways to immerse yourself with code. Do the lessons multiple times, find other resources to help you practice and find ways to apply the things that you’ve learned. When I started building a website, I found learning to be a lot easier. Real life application solidifies the concepts you learned.

What are You Doing with Your New Skills?

On one of my return travels to El Salvador, I met several people interested in starting their own business or growing their current business. However, they lacked the education and resources to take themselves to the next level. I applied the things I learned in Code Avengers to start the front-end development of my website shortly after my return ( It will offer video tutorials from subjects ranging from sales, to accounting and finance, funding, business development, etc. It's still in the works, but it has been a great opportunity to apply my coding skills and I will soon be able to give back to a people and culture I have come to appreciate and love.

So…What’s Next?

I plan to keep learning how to code and working on my website. I’m looking forward on learning new skills and applying these skills until I become just as proficient and confident as I am in Spanish, and hopefully, change the world!


  1. Keep up the great work! I am just on to Level 2 of the JavaScript course and finding Code Avengers really good. I feel like I am actually learning something as opposed to other sites which just take you through the motions.

  2. Thanks! I agree with you. Code Avengers really reinforces learning with their intuitive lessons. For example, I love the lessons that make you fix bugs. These lessons are scattered throughout the tutorials and really make you focus on the principles you learned as well as keeping an eye out for errors. You've made great progress so far! Keep coding!

    1. HI Kyle, my name is Jonathan Rios ( I'm from Sonsonate, El Salvador and I am really happy for your progress and the projects you have going on that help entrepreneurs in my country. I encourage you too keep up the good work. I would love to e-mail you about social entrepreneurial ideas that might interest you! Please consider sending me an e-mail to the address above. Thanks for reading

  3. It's unfortunate the website is down now. :/