Friday, June 8, 2012

Code Avengers Trailers

OK... so normally the word trailer is reserved for a movie, which Code Avengers is not. But our ultimate goal IS to entertain... AND educate at the same time... so maybe trailer is the appropriate word??

Anyways, the feedback so far for the Level 1 JavaScript course has been fantastic. We have had hundreds, OK maybe more like a couple 100 or so, comment on how much fun they have had learning JavaScript with Code Avengers.

The great news is the NEW Level 1 HTML/CSS course is going to be even better-more fun, more effective. We promise to deliver the most fun online introductory HTML/CSS tutorial on the web! I'm planning to launch the first lessons by the end of this month.

For those of you who haven't tried Code Avengers yet we thought it was time we created a little video to give you a glimpse into what we are all about. Since, I am busy with my Uni work I decided to out source and commissioned my younger brothers Adam and Matthew to put something together. So here it is the official Code Avengers trailer!

A month ago I was contact by Jayce Broda the creator of, he was keen to an interview about the creation of Code Avengers and my thoughts on being a software developer... Here is what Jayce came up with, check it out!