Thursday, May 31, 2012

Code Avengers to the Rescue: Supporting Programming in Schools

As explained in my last post and in this video interview with, the goal for is to provide a super fun and effective resource for learning Computer Programming. In addition, Code Avengers aims to provide a tool that supports high school programming teachers.

Last year in New Zealand, computer science modules were introduced into our senior high school subject called digital technology. It seems that about half of our digital tech teachers have little if any programming experience, and are reluctant take on the new modules. That is until Code Avengers came along!

Code Avengers makes the teachers job easy. The system provides 2 views that give live feedback on students progress. The Summary View makes it easy for teachers to identify individuals that are struggling. The teacher can sort the list both alphabetically and based on progress.

The Progress View gives an overall picture of class progress through the course. It helps the teacher identify topics that the class need to spend extra time on.

What are you waiting for? Help you class become Coding Superheros with Code Avengers!


  1. (I didn't find any feedback or contact section, so I guess I'm going to put that here, sorry if it's not the proper place)


    First of all, congrats for this initiative (or should I say 'Assemble'?), it's really neat, well constructed and fun! That said, I find the lessons to be kinda repetitive, but I guess it's meant for people not keen on JS (or computing) at all.

    I also wanted to report a bug, in lesson 16.4 (Robot Challenge 2). I used your sample code, so both robots moved forward 4 times, then turned right, and then the bottom robot - which is facing the X mark - is validating the robot.atWall() condition, and so turns right twice as well (it's normal behavior for the upper robot). Therefore, it's not possible to complete lesson 16.4 (for me, at least).

    I'm using Chrome 19, if that can help.

    Keep up the good work anyway! Can't wait for more advanced lessons it they're planned!


    1. Thanks for the feedback... I need to add the feedback link to the lesson pages... at the moment it is hidden after lesson 6.

      That bug report is a little odd... It should work.

      Were you able to get it working? Email me at mike at codeavengers dot com

  2. A few minutes ago, I tried again, using your sample code, and, while it didn't work the first two times, it worked the third one, just when I wanted to take screen grabs of the problem.

    The only thing I changed during my tests was the direction of the first turn of the robots:
    - First try: robot.forward(4); robot.right(); [...] //didn't work
    - Second try: robot.forward(4); robot.left(); [...] //didn't work
    - Third try: robot.forward(4); robot.right(); [...] //worked

    So, problem solved, I guess? But it was really weird nonetheless.

    Thanks for anwering me anyway.

    1. The issue may be, that your robots will fail if they are off the screen... this is something I need to fix in the the next release... As it is causing lots of trouble for a number of people! I borrowed the robot code from, a game I made, but never bothered to make it work if the robots were not visible on the screen... NOT very good on my part I know!!