Monday, April 23, 2012

Code Avengers vs Codecademy

Which site, CodeAvengers or CodeCademy is the more fun and effective way for a novice to learn Javascript online?

I enjoyed the lessons on CodeCademy, but had reservations as to whether the lessons would be effective for teaching complete novices computer programming. So I got 6 friends and family members (novice programmers) to spend 30-60 minutes going through 'Getting Started with Programming' on CodeCademy. 3 got bored, and a 3 thought it was OK. But all of them commented that they didn't really feel as thought they had learnt anything after completing the lessons.

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding since its launch in August 2011. Thousands of blog posts have been written, some positive, some negative.

Negative posts have critisized:

Positive posts praise Codecademy for:

The mission for is to create a site that is both fun and effective for novices learning Javascript. Here is example feedback from initial users:

great job again, definitely addicted to this. Tried code academy was not addicted... I definitely believe you have a better product/lesson plan
I just wanted to start of by saying your website so far is better then Codecademy's

Anyone care to disagree? Try now.

If you have another online tutorial for any language, that you believe is the most effective, we would love to hear about it!


  1. Supportive of the initiative, but their name is Codecademy and not Code Academy. I am a co-founder of Code Academy ( in Chicago, and we have created a physical program that teaches beginners how to build web applications. If you could correct your post title that would be great. Thanks!

    1. So sorry!! You probably noticed that I only made the mistake in the title... I have checked out your site too, so I am well aware of your programs. Sorry about the mistake!

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  3. I like both sites, but for a real comparison, you need "6 friends and family members (novice programmers) to spend 30-60 minutes" going through a parallel exercise on CodeAvengers...

  4. This was over a year ago... I have had 6 family members spends dozens of hours testing my Code Avengers courses. I know I'm right on track when my wife goes through a lesson and doesn't say she hated it! haha

    But my 9 year old brother loves my courses :D

    I have now had my courses being used in over 500 schools... some of whom have done both.

    I have also ran Summer Code Avengers Camps for high school students many of whom are complete novices, so have had a reasonable opportunity to put the courses to the test and make improvements. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, but there are still a long way to go before the courses are as good as I want them to be.

  5. I think CodeAcademy is pretty good love the layout, can be challenging sometimes, but good stuff.
    I will try Codeavaengers..keep you posted

  6. I ran across Codecademy while searching for a free introductory computer programming course. I first tried out their HTML class and found it really fun and addictive. However after getting past a few of the introductory courses I quickly became lost and a bit discouraged. I did finally finish the HTML class and tried out their JavaScript class. Again the introductory lessons were great, but once I got lost I couldn't seem to catch up.

    I then came across another Codecademy user's post that recommended your site. I have to say that so far your JavaScript course is much easier to follow and I do feel like I am retaining the information more. I haven't quite finished the "Part 1", but I am looking forward to completing everything.

    I was a bit discouraged to see that I have to pay for the "Part 2" courses, however I probably will pay it since it is a very reasonable price. I'm just wondering when you think the "Part 3" will be available, because I hate to finish and then not be able to build on my knowledge.

    Thanks for all that you do!!