Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How to get 10,000 likes on Facebook

As software developer I love to build things but have almost ZERO marketing experience. So after 6 months building Code Avengers 1.0 we were ready to launch.

My equally inexperienced brother Adam (1st year marketing student at University) suggested we start by trying to get 10,000 Facebook likes in 4 weeks. It sounded like a tall order, but worth a shot.

On day one he put up the following post...

Hey everyone,

When you have a spare minute, can you go to our new website for learning computer programming. CLICK the 'LIKE' button in the top left hand corner. the link is

Our goal is to get 10,000 likes by the end of the month. Help make this possible!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!

To begin with my immediate family shared the message on each of our FB pages as well as our extended family FB group (if we can't get our cousins to click like... we got no show of getting 10k). Within 6 hours the site had received 124 likes. OK... not bad... but I could tell 10k was not going to be easy.

So how would we get the other 9,876 likes?

The more activity (comments, likes, shares) there is with a post, the more likely that post will stay on your friends news feed long enough for them to see it. So how do you get people to like and comment on your post...

A quick look at my news feed revealed the following types of posts seemed to have a lot of activity...

  1. Pictures of babies
  2. Posts that concluded with a simple but often random questions
  3. Posts from pages with thousands of followers, e.g. famous actors and TV shows
  4. Pictures of people (particularly famous people) doing weird things
  5. Emotional stories or pics on topics we can all relate to

We both failed to come up with any creative ideas that fit any of that criteria.

Adam figures that all we needed was someone like Bill Gates to endorse our page and we will have the 10k in a day or so. So Adam went straight to Bill Gates Facebook page and sent a private message... Surprise, surprise no message back.

Adam also reckons he has a couple friends that wield a bit of FB power. One mate from the US has 5k FB friends and gets 300 likes on random comments he makes. Turns out his level of influence with Code Avengers was negligible...


So it turns out there was no quick and easy path to 10k likes. Two and a half years of hard work later, we are getting there. Now past 6,000 likes but still a long way from 10k!


  1. Hi , Grt post. Can you help me with 10, 000 likes too -

  2. I wish!! My site only has 1,500 likes so far... still a long way from 10,000!!

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