Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Web app goes LIVE! But how do I get users?

After 6 months of development... Code Avengers finally went live on April 1st 2012. What do I mean by "LIVE"... essentially we replaced the old home page which showed a COUNTDOWN to April 1st with a new home page that links to the lesson material. With the site now live and ready for public consumption... the next task is figuring out how to get people to the site?!?!

So how do we market a site like this? Here are our ideas so far...

1. Social media - We will post to Facebook and share with Facebook friends. I don't have many FB friends I think would be interested in learning Computer Programming, so not sure how much success this will have. We added FB like and google plus buttons to the pages on our site and created a Facebook page and Twitter account. And today I created this blog.

2. Bloggers - Email people who have blogged about CodeCademy and other sites similar and ask them to write about CodeAvengers. It seems that one of the keys to going viral is getting influential bloggers & tweeters to write about your site. When I say influential I'm talking people with 200k plus followers. Want some evidence, check out the graph in this link (http://www.forbes.com/sites/jjcolao/2012/03/22/codecademy/2/) that illustrates the influence of hot shot tweeters in the success of CodeCademy's Code Year marketing strategy.

Or checkout this TED talk that includes examples of the influence of top bloggers on viral YouTube videos...

3. News sites - Email people who wrote news articles about CodeCademy and see if they will write one about our site. Just like influential bloggers, influential news sites can have a big effect!

4. Comments - Write comments after news articles and Blog Posts about CodeCademy. Also post a couple responses on question answer sites like Stackoverflow, Yahoo and Quora.

5. YouTube - Email people who have created YouTube videos about CodeCademy. Also get my 8 year old brother Matthew to make and post videos about our site. An added bonus of this idea is it will get him out of mum's hair for a few hours. Two drawbacks with this idea are even with YouTube videos posted... you still have to get people to watch them. Number 2, I will have to broker a deal with mum to get Matthews 1 week ban from the computer (for playing games when he wasn't supposed to) partially lifted.

Well that's enough for now. We will have a go at the approaches above and see what happens in a week...

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